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Blueprint Department

In this area, vehicles arrive after a collision, some very minor, some with considerable damage. Our technicians remove all of the broken and bent parts, and thoroughly assess the vehicle needs.

Many insurers and body shops write what is commonly known as an "estimate". This document is often flawed from the beginning, missing many parts and repair procedures, which leads to a lengthy and inefficient repair process as more and more damage is uncovered.

At Garvey Auto Body, we have implemented this industry-leading process change to completely disassemble and assess all damage as soon as the vehicle arrives. By doing so, you can be assured you will be back in your properly repaired, family safe car, as quickly as possible.

Body Repair Department

This area is where the general repairs are completed to the vehicle.

Our trained technicians receive the car after disassembly in the Blueprint area with all of the necessary parts. They perform the required repairs and replace all parts identified as damaged.

Once the general car repairs are done, the vehicle is prepped to be painted, including replacing the factory corrosion protection and primer coatings. After the car is painted, it will return to this area again to be reassembled.

Detail Department

Once completed and fully assembled, the car receives a full cleaning to remove any dust and dirt for delivery.

The paint film is polished to insure uniformity with the factory painted areas.

Then a quality assurance check is completed to be certain everything has been completed to the highest of quality standards. At Garvey Auto Body, every car returns to the road looking its best.

Frame Department

In this stall, the vehicle is placed onto the frame rack to be measured and pulled back to factory specifications using up to 10 tons of hydraulic power.

Whether the car has a full frame or unibody construction, it is critical for proper parts fit and safety to be returned to the exact tolerances as when it left the factory new. This equipment can do so within millimeters to insure your vehicle tracks straight and handles properly.

Paint Department

Here the car is painted using state of the art urethane materials from Spies Hecker, an industry leader in European paint technology, a high line brand within the DuPont Performance Coatings family.

The paint is applied in 2 stages just as the factory process - first a layer of the color precisely matching the existing finish, then followed up with multiple coats of clearcoat to protect the finish from the elements.

The spray booth rapidly exchanges filtered air to prevent over-spray and dust issues, and then bakes the paint film at temperatures up to 160 degrees.

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